About the Manual

The Manual sincerely tries to
... Give theoretical information related to different aspects of blogging.
... Explain different concepts related to blogging.
... Discuss blogging in its perpetually expanding and evolving connotations.
... Share useful tools, mostly free, of high reputation and reliability with readers.
... Give extensive advice on and list best practices in the field of blogging.
... Be totally dispassionate while evaluating; and passionate while clarifying. Introduce and then demystify jargon. Explain, illustrate,  compare.

What the Manual is n o t. 
... The Manual of Blogging is not a compilation of posts on blogging, nor is it a print version of an ebook on blogging practice.
... The book does not claim to be the last word where there are differences of opinion among experts and keen observers.
... The Manual is not meant to convince people that blogging is a great activity or that it has contributed greatly to social media, communication, freedom of expression, humanity.
... The Manual does not seek to favor or disfavor any product, individual or organization. If some item, individual or organization has been referred to, that is as an illustration. If it has been appreciated or criticized, that's based purely on merit as perceived by me.

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