Instagram vertical long form IGTV video, have you tried it?

Till now Instagram was known for its short videos but now it has rolled out IGTV or a new video format that can run for an hour!

IGTV app page on Google Playstore: vertical video of up to one hour!

Instagram has launched a separate app for IGTV but the feature is available on its own app too. What is more interesting than the length of the video is that the videos on IGTV are vertical, not in 'landscape' layout. This format suits mobile phones because to watch the vertical video the user does not have to turn the phone to a side to watch the video.

Instagram bloggers have cheered the move and so have social media marketers. Some social media watchers are already predicting that it would give a serious challenge to YouTube, till now the undisputed master of online video universe.  

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