Criminal turned crime-blogger, Kok

This is an interesting story of a murderer who turned into a crime blogger and challenged criminals while writing about them and living a life full of adventure, threats, pleasure, controversies, notoriety  and fame.

The story of Martin Kok's life, as it has appeared on Wired, lucidly shows how crime and crime blogging are going hand in hand in Holland. Kok's blog Vlinderscrime (=butterflies) became highly popular (a million visitors a month to his blog,   according to a separate report), received advertisements and was quoted in the mainstream media. 

As a blogger, Kok's didn't care for fact-checking, disclosed people's identities and wrote about them indiscreetly, challenged those he wrote about, but his links in the underworld made him a highly resourceful crime blogger.

A number of attempts were made on Kok's life, and he succumbed to an ambush outside a brothel near Amsterdam, on 8th December 2016. 

His blog is, as expected, dead. His Twitter account is still alive and shows 17.8 thousand followers!

screen shot of Kok's Twitter account

This post is based primarily on the article 'The Strange Life of a Murder Turned Crime Blogger' in Wired with inputs from other sources.

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