How is Gutenberg going to change blogging in Wordpress?

Wordpress has been working seriously on a development project called Gutenberg that will give new user experience to bloggers and website makers in

  • creating psots with rich content easily, and
  • making the design with 'blocks' that would make it easy to embed conent without having to use shortcodes or custom HTML.

It already has created some plugins to enable these features but Gutenberg would make it mainstream.

Blocks would make it easy and more customizable to put elements other than just text on pages and posts. Blocks based positioning of content is likely to give a new editing and publishing experience to bloggers who use Wordpress CMS.

Even paragraphs would be individual blocks and thus it would be easy to re-position them without messing up underlying code and formatting.

Working with blocks for text editing in Gutenberg:
taken from Wordpress website

Gutenberg is likely to be released in a few months from now, perhaps before December 2018, as part of Wordpress 5.0. Some Wordpress users in some countries have started getting an offer to try Gutenberg option in their blog dashboard.

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